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About LEBREN Design

It takes more than just "an eye" to express Photons the way Lebren Design captures. With over a decade of Practical Application Lebren Design will provide top results within every aspect of your scope. Here's a breakdown:

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The number one strength Lebren Design Labs curates from is the ability to turn raw data into a finished product. With a big picture to work with, results are driven from from over a decade of real world experience.


Taking a fresh look at an old idea or  tackling the whole enchilada, the only wrong idea is the one kept in the dark. Brilliance comes from various levels of polishing just as looking at a wide array of ideas of various origin.


Idea Realization

Capturing Image

Future Design

3D Capture



Growing up, I was fascinated by technologies shared in Wired Magazine. Fast forward to 2009 with the need to see the oil dipstick, I was able to share my creations with the MAZDA RX8 Community. Now more than ever my craving to create future designs continues to flourish.


 There's a formula between budget and function and delivery time. With a toolbox of skills and fabrication capabilities, expect some pretty amazing results!